Below is one of the images chosen for a corporate lobby display.  The requested theme was local nature and iconic images.  Nature photography is a wonderful choice for commercial space.  Unlike some other types of art, it is non-controversial, and helps people relax and increase their productivity.

I had a real life example of that one day while standing in line returning something at a store.  A woman shared with me that she worked in an office building where she had to walk through a lobby filled with framed local nature photography.  She said there were birds, vineyards, landscapes and even a red fox.  Of course my ears perked up and I becan smiling.  She said every lunch hour she went into the two lobbies where these 14 images were hung and it helped her relax and refresh for her afternoon.  Image both of our surprise to realize it was my installation she was referring too.  It just doesn't get any better than that for an artist.

                Please click on the image below to link to the gallery showing part of this corporate installation.



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